Printerpoint Administrators may add additional users, set permissions and assign email subscriptions.

Click My Account > Users to access the Users Administration page. If you are not a Printerpoint administrator, you will not have access to this page.

Add a User

Follow these steps to add a new user:

  1. Click "Add a user" icon 
  2. Enter first and last name
  3. Enter email address
  4. Click "Send Invite Email"
  5. Select which Email Subscriptions (Monthly Billing Summary, Daily Digest, Supplies Fulfillment) this user should receive
  6. If user should see all customers, click the box next to Customer Access. If user should only see specific customers, choose which customers they should see
  7. The user will receive an invitation email. Once they click the link and create a password, they will have access to Printerpoint.

Click here for information about the different email subscriptions available in Printerpoint.


Administrative Rights

Users with administrative rights can:

  • Create new users
  • Edit existing users
  • Create new customers
  • See all customers
  • Edit account settings 
  • View API token
  • Edit branding settings
  • Edit billing settings
  • Edit e-automate integration settings



Settings for Different Roles in your Company

Depending on the role of the user in your company, you may want to have them receive only specific information. 

Service Tech Role

A service tech may want to receive only the "Daily Digest" email, which includes any outstanding service alerts. However, if your company also has a Service Dispatch role, the Service Techs may only want to be notified when a specific alert has been assigned to them.

Service Dispatch Role

The Service Dispatch role is responsible for opening service support cases and assigning them to specific technicians. Typically a Service Dispatch user would have the Daily Digest email and access to all Customers.

Billing Coordinator Role

A Billing Coordinator will typically want to receive the Monthly Billing Summary email, and have accesss to all Customers, so they can generate monthly billing invoices.

Supplies Ordering Coordinator Role

A Supplies Ordering Coordinator will want to receive the Daily Digest emails to be notified when a printer is low on paper or ink/toner, and have access to all Customers.

Supply Fulfillment Coordinator Role

A Supplies Fulfillment coordinator will want to receive the Supplies Fulfillment email subscriptions, so they see the details of each supplies order that they need to ship to a customer.

Account Manager/Sales Role

An Account Manager may want to receive all email subscriptions for their specific customers so they are kept aware of the activity and any open issues that might be affecting their accounts.


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