Email Subscriptions

Printerpoint has five different email subscription options you can receive: 

  1. Monthly Billing Summary
  2. Daily Digest
  3. Supply Order Notifications
  4. Low Supply Alert Notifications
  5. Customer Service Tickets

Monthly Billing Summary

Each month, based on your "End of billing period" setting per printer, we send out a Monthly summary report showing you printer usage for the chosen billing period. Attached to that email is a CSV file with the same data for easy import to your accounting software. Your accountant will thank you. 


Daily Digest 

Every night, we generate a Daily Status Digest giving you a snapshot of your printers. Warnings, alerts, agent notifications, supplies, things like that... by default, the email address with which you created your Printerpoint account will be the recipient. You can keep it that way, change it to someone else in your organization or add others.


Supply Order Notifications


Low Supply Alert Notifications


Customer Service Tickets


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