Creating e-automate Sales Quotes from Supply Orders

When the Supply Order Integration module is enabled in My Account > e-automate, Printerpoint will attempt to create a sales quote in e-automate whenever a pending supply order is approved. When the sales quote is created, Printerpoint automatically adjusts the printer's inventory to reflect the order.

Pending supply orders are displayed on Supplies > Pending Orders. This list will show supply requests from customers and printer-generated supply orders. 

For a sales quote to be created in e-automate, there are two requirements:

  1. The printer's asset ID must match a valid equipment number in e-automate
  2. The item's SKU must match a valid item number in e-automate

SKU Configuration

Printerpoint automatically reports the manufacturer SKU for ink and toner cartridges. If your company uses a different internal part number instead of the manufacturer SKU in e-automate, these SKUs can be overwritten using the "ALT SKU" field on the Supplies / Configuration page.

Media SKUs are not automatically reported and must be configured per media roll on the Supplies > Media Roll Setup page.

Approving orders without creating sales quotes

If an asset ID or SKU does not line up in e-automate, you have the option of cancelling the supply order, or approving it automatically creating a sales quote. If there are multiple printers or items on an order, and one asset ID or SKU does not match, nothing on the order can be sent to e-automate.


Clicking the Cancel button will leave the order in the pending orders list. If you plan to fix the Asset ID or SKU issue that caused the problem before approving the order, click Cancel.

Approve anyway

Clicking the Approve button from this dialog will approve the order in Printerpoint, and adjust the inventory, without creating a sales quote in e-automate. Use this option if:

  • The printer or item does not exist in e-automate and you are going to fulfill this order outside of e-automate
  • You will manually create a sales quote in e-automate for the items in the order




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