Creating Media Rolls for Supply Ordering

The media rolls that you provide to your customers are created by going to Supplies > Media Roll Setup.


This dialog displays all the media rolls that have been configured in your account. You can add, edit or delete media rolls from this page.


Adding a Media Roll


To add a Media Roll to your account, click “Create New Media Roll”





Each media item must have a unique SKU. This should be the SKU for this item from your fulfillment or ERP system.


Media Roll Name

Use the name from your fulfillment or ERP system if possible. Make sure the name is descriptive.


Roll Width/Length

Define the size of the roll. This is important for printer inventory management. Printerpoint uses this information to understand how to decrement inventory.



The notes field is optional, but can be handy if you have similar media roll names.


Aliased Media

For Printerpoint to decrement media from a printer’s inventory, we need to know how the printer will report the media name. For example, an HP PageWide XL might show “HP Universal Bond Paper”, “Plain Paper”, “Plain paper” or “Plain Paper (<90 g/m2) to describe standard 20lb Bond. It depends on how the media profiles on the printer were initially set up. In this case, since this roll of paper has a 3” core size, we will map it to the media names for both HP and Oce printers. 

The search box above the media list helps you search by media name or printer type.


Click Save to create the media roll. You can always add aliases later if needed. Make sure to create Media Rolls for all the roll widths used by your customers.


Setting up media inventory on a printer


Adding media inventory to a printer enables you to have automatic supply orders and customer supply notifications enabled.


Once your media rolls have been updated, you can add them to printers.


Select a printer and go to Supplies Details, then click the “Add Media” button next to Inventory.




Media Rolls

The media roll dropdown menu shows all the configured media rolls. Select the media roll that is used for this printer.


Remaining Media (rolls)

Remaining media is how much paper is at the customer’s location. For example, if they have one full roll in the printer, and two on the shelf, put 3. If they have about half a roll in the printer, put 2.5. It is often hard to estimate partial rolls, so try to use your best judgement - it does not need to be exact.


Reorder at (rolls)

This value determines when you, or the customer, are notified that it is time to order more of this media. 


Default Order Quantity (rolls)

The Default Order Quantity is the number of rolls that will be on the supply order for you or the customer to approve. On the supply order, the number can always be changed if in a certain month a customer is printing more, or less than average.


In Contract

If you include a media roll as part of your MPS contract with the customer, check this box.


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