Configuring ECI e-automate Integration

Printerpoint can integrate with any ECI e-automate instance that has ESN enabled. 


First, contact your ECI account rep and request that Printerpoint access is added to your ESN account. Once this access has been added to your ESN account, ECI can provide you your ESN Dealer ID if you do not already know it.

Then, go to My Account > e-automate and enter the following information:

  • ESN dealer ID (no dashes)
  • E-automate username
  • E-automate password
  • Optional: E-automate database name

If the database name is not filled out, Printerpoint will use the default database.

Click “Test” to confirm the credentials are correct, and “Update” to save the credentials.


Printerpoint has two e-automate modules that can be enabled independently.

Meter Read Integration

When Meter Read Integration is enabled, the Billing > e-automate tab is activated, and meter reads can be sent manually or automatically. Meter mapping must be completed on the Billing > e-automate page before meter reads can be sent to e-automate.

Supply Order Integration

When Supply Order Integration is enabled, Printerpoint will attempt to create sales quotes in e-automate when supply orders are approved from the Supplies > Pending Orders page. Both customer-generated supply orders and dynamic orders (those created based on printer-reported supply levels/inventory settings) can be sent directly to e-automate. 


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