Creating Customer User Accounts

The Customer Portal provides your customers a place to order supplies and open service tickets for the printers they manage.


Any printer that meets the following criteria will appear in the ordering section for a customer user:

  1. Is in a location that the user can access
  2. Allow Customer to Order Supplies is enabled in Printer Features


The user will be notified when a printer needs supplies, and has the ability to order additional supplies (different media, additional cartridges, etc) from the Portal.


Customer Portal supply requests appear in the Printerpoint Supplies to-do list and can be approved, modified or canceled.


To give customers access to the Customer Portal, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Customer name in Printerpoint
  2. Click the “Locations and Customer Access” icon
  3. Click “add” next to Customer Access
  4. Enter Customer user name and email address
  5. Select which location(s) the user can access
  6. Click “Send invite email”


The user will receive an email prompting them to log in and set a password.

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