Opening a Support Ticket in Customer Portal

The Printerpoint Customer Portal now offers a simple way for customers to request service or alert you to other issues with equipment. And, since the request is routed through Printerpoint, you’ll automatically receive all the info you’ll need to open a service request, including Asset ID, total counter, and any outstanding error codes that the printer may be reporting.


Giving customers access is simple. 


Step 1: Set up Dealer Branding

  1. Click My Account > Branding
  2. Set company logo, favicon and colors
  3. Preview box will display how the Portal header appears to your customers

Note: If you skip this step, the Customer Portal will display Printerpoint branding.


Step 2: Subscribe to Customer Service Tickets

At least one dealer user account needs to be set up to receive service tickets for the feature to be enabled.

  1. Click My Account > Users
  2. Select “Customer Service Tickets” in Email Subscriptions section for at least one user
  3. Click Update


Step 3: Give users Customer Access and access to at least one location

  1. Click the Customer name in Printerpoint
  2. Click the “Locations and Customer Access” icon
  3. Click “add” next to Customer Access
  4. Enter Customer user name and email address
  5. Select which location(s) the user can access
  6. Click “Send invite email”

The user will receive an email prompting them to log in and set a password.


Customers can then open support tickets for any printer in their location directly from the Customer Portal.


Printerpoint will include the following information in the email:

  1. Customer
  2. Contact
  3. Printer make and model
  4. Serial number or Asset ID
  5. Current total counter
  6. User’s description of issue
  7. Any open service alerts reported by the printer


This email can either be integrated into your existing help desk management system, or directed to your service technicians.

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