Canon Duty Counters

The Canon Duty Counter billing method is supported for the following Canon
large format printer series:

  • TX (TX-3000, TX-4000, TX-3100, TX-4100)
  • TM (TM-200, TM-300, TM-305)
  • TA (TA-20, TA-30)
  • PRO (PRO-1000, PRO-2000, PRO-2100, PRO-4000, PRO-4100, PRO-6000, PRO-6100)
  • TZ-30000

Canon Duty Counters are lifetime usage counters that separate printing into
the following five categories based on the ink used in the document:

  • A - Line drawing (0-.15mL of ink per sq ft)
  • B - Office document (.16-.23 mL of ink per sq ft)
  • C - Low coverage poster (.24-.38mL of ink per sq ft)
  • D - High coverage poster (.39-.45mL of ink per sq ft)
  • E - Full coverage poster (more than .45mL of ink per sq ft)

Duty Counter totals can be verified by the end-users by printing a meter
read sheet from the printer’s panel. 

Duty Counters are aggregated by Canon and are not available for per-record
detail information. Duty counters are sometimes referred to by Canon as "Duty Bands" or "Coverage Bands". 

Duty Counters can be imported directly into e-automate for billing purposes, and are available in the Real Time Printer API.


Known issues

There is a known Canon bug that sometimes prevents duty counters from being transmitted to Printerpoint. Canon has issued firmware updates for the printers that are affected by this. If you experience issues with Printerpoint reading duty counters from your printer, ensure your printer meets these minimum firmware requirements:

TM-200/TM-300: v1.50

TM-205/TM-305: v1.51

TX Series: v1.50

PRO Series Mk2: v1.18

PRO Series Mk1: v2.21


Canon Duty Counters vs Canon Ink Coverage

Printerpoint supports two different category-based billing methods for Canon iPF printers. 


Canon Duty Counters

  • Supported only on newer models (TA, TM, TX, TZ, PRO Series)
  • Requires Printerpoint Agent version 5.1.0 or higher
  • Lifetime counters that can be imported into ECI e-automate
  • Duty Counters are shown on printer meter read sheet for user-verifiable backup
  • Aggregate only, not shown on per-record billing details or in Customer Portal Print Tracking
  • Calculated by Canon

Ink Coverage

  • Supported on all Canon iPF models
  • Monthly usage, not a lifetime counter, cannot be imported into ECI e-automate
  • Not  displayed on printer meter read sheet
  • Displayed per print job in billing details and Customer Portal Print Tracking
  • Calculated by Printerpoint


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