Using a CSV file to Bulk Import Printers


Printerpoint provides a way to add a large number of printers without scanning your customer’s network or manually adding each printer. 

The following columns should be present in the file, however, not all values are required. We recommend using our Template CSV file to ensure the format is correct.

  • Printer nickname
  • IP address
  • Asset ID
  • Agent Name
  • Location
  • SNMP community
  • Notes

Only Printer nickname and IP address are required. If Agent Name is blank, the agent that most recently checked into the Printerpoint server will be used. If SNMP community is blank, “public” will be used. All other fields will be empty if not specified in the file. 

  1. Click on the Customer for which you want to import printers
  2. Click the “import” icon on the Printer Discovery header
  3. Click “Choose file” and locate the CSV file containing your printers
  4. Review the list of printers to verify it is correct
  5. Click “Bulk Import” to import the printers into Printerpoint
  6. Click “OK” to close the Import dialog


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