Printerpoint uses basic authentication with your API token as the username and no password.


For example if your API token is ‘abc123’ then your request should include this authentication header:

authorization: Basic YWJjMTIzOg==


Your API token can be found by logging into your Printerpoint account as a user with Admin privileges and going to:

My Account (upper right)>Account Settings>API Access>API token


If you do not see this option in your account, request access from


To use the API token for testing in Swagger, enter it as the username with no password.  Testing the API using Swagger's “Try it out” feature makes actual API calls that affect your actual data (just as if you were calling the API from your own program). So you should either use a test account or avoid making changes you don't want applied to your data.

To use the API token in your development code, the token must have a colon appended to the end and be base 64 encoded. For example, 

‘YWJjMTIzOg==’ is ‘abc123’ with a colon appended to make ‘abc123:’ and then base 64 encoded.

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