Entering Manual Meter Reads for Non-Networked Printers

Printerpoint supports manually-updated printers that cannot be accessed by a Printerpoint agent. Non-Networked Printers are currently supported for manual meter read entry. For billing purposes, a Non-Networked Printer behaves exactly as a networked printer, and any manually-entered meter reads will be used throughout the application, in billing emails and CSV exports, and in the Printerpoint API.

Creating a Non-Networked Printer

  1. Click “Add a printer” icon next to Customer name
  2. Choose “Non-Networked” from Printer Type dropdown
  3. Enter a Nickname for the printer (e.g. “Downstairs Color Plotter” or “HP T3500”)
  4. Enter a serial number or asset number in the Asset ID field (optional)
  5. Choose a Billing Method from the dropdown:
    • Click Counter - for page-based counters on small format printers
    • Linear Total Counter - for linear foot-based counters on large format printers
    • Print Category Counter - for application counters on large format printers (mono lines, color lines, low density, full color, premium quality image)
    • Total Counter category
  6. Choose a customer Location (optional)

Entering Meter Reads for Non-Networked Printers

Meter reads for Non-Networked printers are added on one single page across your entire fleet.

  1. Click Billing from the main Printerpoint menu
  2. Click “Manual Meter Read Entry” (clipboard icon) from the submenu
  3. Select a date (default is current day)
  4. Enter a value for each meter read for the printer
  5. Click Submit


  • A billing method may support more meters than you need, in this case enter 0 for the additional meters.
  • Only the most recent meter read is displayed in the UI, but all manually-entered meter reads are used throughout Printerpoint
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