Customer Supply Ordering


With Printerpoint, you can give your customers access to a supply ordering website branded with your company logo.


Giving Customers Access

In each customer account, you can add as many customer users as you'd like. Enter a first name, last name, and email.



Customers will receive a notification email asking for permission to send them email notifications. They will be prompted to set up a password to log into Printerpoint.



Supply Notifications

When users are given access to the Customer Portal, they will receive emails when their printers are low on supplies.


They can log in to the Customer Portal and quickly order the supplies. The default page shows your customer just the supplies that are needed for their printers today. They can choose to order all or some of the needed supplies.



If they want to order additional supplies, they can click “My Printers” to see all supplies available for all printers you are monitoring at their location.



Ordering Process

No credit card is needed to order. Printerpoint will send a supply request to you when the customer submits.


You can approve it, edit it, or delete it.


Once you acknowledge the request, your customer gets an email from Printerpoint to let them know it is being processed, and shows any changes that you may have made.

You ship or deliver the supplies to your customer and invoice them.


You can optionally brand the Customer Portal to have your company’s logo and colors.


This will also brand any emails that Printerpoint sends to your customer - low supply alerts, order confirmation, etc.

To brand your Customer Portal, follow these steps:

  1. Click My Account > Branding
  2. Define the colors you want to use
  3. Upload a logo in PNG format
  4. Add a Favicon if desired
  5. As you make changes, the Preview will change. When you’re happy with the result, click “Update”
  6. To revert to Printerpoint branding, click “Reset”


Customer Information

We have a one-sheet PDF you can distribute to your customers to explain how the ordering process works. If you would like a copy of this PDF with your company branding, please contact your account rep.

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