Océ Plotwave Toner Cartridge Inventory Considerations

The Plotwave series of printers provides limited information about toner levels. While most printers in Printerpoint can report the percentage of toner/ink remaining in a cartridge, Plotwave printers only report if the cartridge is empty, or not empty. This causes some challenges when tracking toner cartridge inventory.


In Printerpoint, if the cartridge is not empty, it will visually display as 70% remaining. If it is empty, it will report as 0%.


This limitation of the printer causes some challenges with tracking toner replenishment. Printerpoint records toner cartridge replacement by detecting an upward level change in the amount of toner. Because Plotwave printers only report 0% or 70%, a cartridge must be replaced at 0% for Printerpoint to detect it. If a customer replaces the toner cartridge before it is empty, Printerpoint does not see this change and will not detect a cartridge replacement. 


Just-in-time vs Inventory

Just-in-time replenishment relies on a cartridge level reporting below the set threshold (example: 20%) to generate a replacement alert. Since Plotwaves only report two levels, 

we do not recommend Just-in-time replenishment on these printers. When using cartridge inventory, Printerpoint decrements the inventory level whenever we detect a cartridge replacement. 


There are three scenarios where cartridge replacement events may be missed:

  1. A cartridge is replaced before it is empty
  2. A cartridge runs out of toner and is replaced in-between Printerpoint Agent check ins (this happens approximately every 5 minutes)
  3. The Printerpoint Agent is offline or there is a network connection issue with the printer during the cartridge replacement


Any of these three scenarios can cause Printerpoint to miss a cartridge replacement on a Plotwave printer. 

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