Offline Agent Alert

"The Printerpoint Agent has been offline for X days."

You may see this message in a printer's "Printer Status" pane on the printer's details page. Or, you may receive this alert as part of your Daily Digest email. 

Printerpoint Agents "check in" with printers and report back to the database every five minutes. So, it's imperative that an agent is installed on a computer that is up and running as close to 24/7 as possible.

Steps to restart your Printerpoint Agent:

1. Verify the computer is "on." Often times, we find that the agent has been installed on a workstation, sometimes unbeknownst to the user, and they may turn it off at night, or if they go on vacation. or the power settings on that machine instruct it to go to sleep. 

2. If the machine is running, verify that the Printerpoint Agent service is running. You can find that by typing "services.msc" in your Windows search box under the Start button and press enter. Or find it through the Administrator tools. You'll see this with "Agent Service" near the top. Even if it's running, it never hurts to click "Restart."

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