Printerpoint Agent will not install and Error 1920 appears

Printerpoint Agent will not install and Error 1920 appears


Printerpoint Agent installation fails and displays Error 1920 Service Agent Installation message.

Error 1920 is a generic Windows error code and typically does not provide useful information about the cause.

The Printerpoint Agent installer will show the following message:

“PrinterpointAgentsvc failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system services.”

However, this message is rarely caused by insufficient privileges. The most common cause is that the Printerpoint Agent installer has been renamed.


When the Printerpoint Agent Installer is downloaded, the default name is PrinterpointAgent.exe. If this file is downloaded on the same computer multiple times, Windows will change the name by appending a number to the end. For example: PrinterpointAgent(1).exe, PrinterpointAgent(2).exe, etc.


If the file is not named PrinterpointAgent.exe, the customer ID cannot be identified and it will not install.

This affects new installations only, not upgrades.



If Error 1920 is encountered, open your downloads folder (typically c:\users\yourusername\downloads) and order by name. Look for multiple versions of PrinterpointAgent.exe, and run the version that has not been renamed. You may want to delete all instances of this file from the downloads folder and download the file again from Printerpoint to be certain you have the latest version.

Why does this happen?

The Printerpoint Agent installer is unusual in that every time you download the file, it inserts the customer ID into the file. This is done so end users never need to enter a complicated dealer or customer ID, and Printerpoint data is automatically assigned to the correct customer. To accomplish this, the installer must have its original filename. If the filename is changed, the customer ID cannot be assigned.

This does not affect upgrades because the customer ID is already stored on the computer.


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