Set Your Printer's Billing Period & Billing Method

A step you need to perform for each newly "Managed" printer is setting your printer's "Billing Method" and "End of Billing Period." This is done at the printer level by clicking on a printer name and viewing the Printer Details page. 

Notice to the right of your printer's Billing Report there is a gear icon, click it:


1. End of billing period: The Last day of your billing period.

2. Billing method: How you bill your customers.


End of billing period: Printerpoint generates a monthly billing summary email every month based on your selected "End of billing period" date. Newly managed printers will have their "End of billing period" date set to "end of the month." We find this covers nearly 90% of our Printerpoint users' needs. If, however, you bill your clients on any other day of the month, change your date in the "end of billing period" drop-down menu and be sure to click "Save."

Billing Method: Your chosen billing method will be determined by two factors. One, some printers support multiple billing methods while others may only support a single method. When Printerpoint first connects to a new printer, one of the details we look for is which billing method that printer supports. For instance, an HP PageWide will support at least four different billing methods while a Ricoh, for instance, may only support one, Linear Feet.

For more details regarding Billing Methods and their use, take a moment to read the section Using Printerpoint Data

The other, of course, is your own billing conventions you've established with your clients. 

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