Billing Options

Printer billing options

  • Set your End of billing period (per printer)
  • Set your Billing Method (per printer)



End of billing period

Your "End of billing period" field is the last day of a monthly billing cycle. For instance, if you set your End of billing period to "last day of the month," then your billing reports will display "Billing Report 3/1/2016 - 3/31/2016" and we'll take into account months of differing numbers of days. Your Monthly Summary Report email will then be sent at 1:01am the following day. 

Alternatively, if you set your "End of billing period" field to the 15th of the month, your billing reports will be generated at 1:01am on the 16th and sent to the email addresses you specified on your "My Account" page.


Billing method

Depending on the printer, Printerpoint provides a variety of billing methods such as Print Categories Billing, Ink Usage Billing, Total Counter... 

See the "Using Printerpoint data" section for a more detailed breakdown of these methods. 

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