Analyzing printing history

Printerpoint’s billing reports can show up to a year’s worth of historical printing from any printer. You can use this to analyze a potential customer’s past usage, renegotiate an existing contract, or make sure your current pricing is in line with actual costs.

Different printers provide different levels of historical data. Printerpoint will report as much historical data as possible upon connecting to the printer for the first time, and will continue to add new data as print jobs are completed.

Depending on the firmware version used, Océ printers can store anywhere from 7-365 days worth of print data. Most hold 99 days of data. Assuming your customer uses the printer every workday, you can expect to retrieve about 5 months of data from an Océ when it is first connected to Printerpoint. If a printer is not used every work day, you may see data from a larger date range.

Canon iPF
Canon iPF printers with internal hard drives can report up to a year’s worth of historical print usage when first connected to Printerpoint. Printers without hard drives will only display what is currently held in memory.

Printerpoint reports meter reads from KIP printers and will display up to a year’s worth of historical information. The meter read is updated every 5-10 minutes.

HP Designjet printers can store up to 500 historical records, which, depending on the customer’s print volume, could represent anywhere from a week to a year’s usage.

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