Install the Printerpoint Agent

The Printerpoint agent should be installed on a computer on your customer’s network. It does not need to be a print server, but it should have network access and be turned on most of the time. We recommend against installing the agent on a laptop if possible. 

The agent can be installed on multiple computers, and if it is installed on user workstations/laptops, having multiple agents will provide automatic failover so the printers continue to be monitored even if a user turns their computer off.



Installing an Agent

Click the "Add new agent" button in the "Installed Agents" list to open the dialog.

If you are logged into Printerpoint from the computer where the agent is going to be installed, click "Install agent on this computer". This will download and run the customized exe file that has been created specifically for your customer. It is important that you download the correct agent for each customer.

If you want to have your customer install the agent for you, there are two options for sending it to them.

Use Printerpoint to email the agent

If you'd like Printerpoint to email your customer a link to the download, just choose "Email agent to customer" and enter their email address. Printerpoint will send a link to a customized page with information about the installer and instructions. 

Send the customer a link to the agent yourself

If you would rather craft your own personal message to the customer, you can get the link to the customized agent by clicking "Copy/Paste link". Send this link to your customers with a personal note.




The link will bring your customer to a description of Printerpoint and shows that it is customized for that particular customer.


Upgrading the Printerpoint Agent

With most new Printerpoint releases, the Agent running on your customers’ networks does not need to be updated. Occasionally, an update may be required to take advantage of some new features. Repeat the steps above as if you are Installing the Printerpoint Agent for the first time. Printerpoint will detect the previous version and ask for your OK to upgrade.

We do not recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the agent.


Auto-Failover Settings for Multiple Agents

We recommend installing multiple Printerpoint agents in environments where the computers may not be on the network 100% of the time. For example, if a server is unavailable, the agent may be installed on multiple workstations, even laptops. If one user turns off their computer, Printerpoint can automatically "failover" to another active agent on the same network so printer monitoring is not disrupted.

This setting is enabled by default. If you have multiple office locations for one customer, you may want to disable this feature to reduce network traffic in the event that an agent in office A starts communicating with a printer in office B. To disable it, click the checkbox next to "Switch printers to active agent if agent goes offline."

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