When you create a new Printerpoint account, you're given a two week free trial with access to everything Printerpoint has to offer. Nothing hidden, no limitations, the whole shebang. When after two weeks you decide to become a member of the family, here is where you would enter your credit card information and, if applicable, a coupon code.

We don't require any payment information to sign up and use Printerpoint. After a 2 week trial period, Printerpoint will charge the credit card on file if you've entered one, once a month, for the number of printers you are currently managing. Printerpoint costs $5 per month, per printer.


If you log on to Printerpoint after two weeks, and you haven't already entered your payment information, we will direct you to this Billing area. 

Across the top of both your Billing tab, you'll find a summation of your current billing status (or days left in free trial) and your "Current printer count" for which we bill you monthly.



Coupon code information: 

Is Printerpoint bundled with your print equipment? Do you have a promotional code offered by one of our partners? Did you find a scrap of paper on the ground with a magic Printerpoint discount code?

Only one coupon can be applied at a time. Your credit card will be charged $5 for any printers in Printerpoint not covered by a coupon code on your billing date each month.

$25 coupon applied, you have 5 printers in Printerpoint. Monthly charge = $0.
$25 coupon applied, you have 7 printers in Printerpoint. Monthly charge = $10.

If a coupon expired during a billing period, you will not be charged the full price until the next billing date.

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