Service Page

The Service page displays one simple To Do list for every service alert per printer.

Your whole team can see exactly what needs their attention and you can resolve a number of issues with just a few clicks. No costly site visits needed.

  • Red alerts typically indicate work stoppage problems or communication issues, like a lost connection, A preventive maintenance kit that should be replaced, or a hard disk error.
  • Yellow alerts are issues that need to be addressed soon, like printer calibration or firmware updates – which you can easily fix by using Connect, right here in Printerpoint, without dispatching anyone.

You can clear out most of these without having to interact with your customer at all. Everything you need to diagnose the issue is right here.

  • Use Printerpoint Connect to see that printer’s web page, and immediately fix issues, like firmware updates
  • Assign the alert to a technician
  • Or dismiss it, if it’s not a relevant issue

You’ll clear out the list before the customer’s even aware of a problem.


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