Printer Details Page

Arguably, the most useful page in Printerpoint when you want quick answers. Click on a printer in the left-hand column and you're presented with details specific to that printer. Whereas the Service tab will show a fleet-level grouping of information, the Printer Details page provides printer-specific data regarding health, resource usage and network connectivity.

Dig further into the details in the "Printer Details" pane.


Printer Details

The meat of the matter when it comes to a printer. Make, Model, Firmware, Total counter...


  • Printer name - Call it what you want, maybe "Upstairs Plotter"
  • IP address - Printer's IP address
  • Hostname - Derived from DNS
  • Agent name - Printerpoint Agent monitoring this printer
  • Model - i.e. iPF6450, T3500, or Colorwave 900
  • Serial number - serial number of the printer
  • Firmware - current firmware version reported by your printer
  • Total counter - continual meter read of paper usage
  • Last check in - when your Printerpoint agent last talked to this

Printer Status

Alerts, service notifications like preventive maintenance kit status if your printer reports that kind of stuff...


Printer Shipping Address

This is the address where the printer resides. We assume when ordering supplies, or notifying a technician, that this is the address to which they'd be sent. 


Ink/Toner Levels & Inventory

What's actually IN your printer? Here's a quick glance at the current ink/toner levels of your printer as well as current inventory. Media, Ink and toner can all be configured in Printerpoint to help you track their inventory levels. We'll use your chosen levels on-hand and when to reorder to alert you. This information is also seen, with more details, on the Supplies details page of each printer. 



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