KIP Tiers Billing Method

The Tiers billing method for KIP printers has five billing tiers that can be configured by the dealer on the printer. 


The tiers are based on toner coverage, and whether color toner was included in the document. The default coverage settings are shown below, and can be configured by the dealer through the printer’s admin menu.


BW Line  0-10%

BW High Density 10%+

Color Line 0-10%

Color Low Density 10-50%

Color High Density 50%+


The Tiers billing method is a lifetime counter method, meaning that Printerpoint stores a cumulative value for each category. Lifetime counter methods, also known as meters, can be integrated directly into ECI e-automate through Printerpoint.


KIP System K version 2.3.19211.2 or higher and the KIP Accounting Keycode are required to enable KiP Tiers on the printer.

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