Moving from Single User to Multi User Mode

In November 2017, Printerpoint deprecated the basic “Single User” mode of account management and moved to a more robust “Multi User” mode. All new accounts have multi user functionality, and we are enabling this feature for existing accounts once we have confirmed that the account holder is ready.

Before activating Multi User mode on your account, there are some minor changes you may need to make to ensure that your users continue to receive email alerts.

If all email notifications are currently sent to the same address, you do not need to do anything, there will be no issues when upgrading.

If some email notifications are sent to different addresses, you will need to make Printerpoint user accounts for those addresses. This guide will explain what to do. Once these steps are complete, please contact us to enable Multi User mode on your account.

Part 1: Check your account settings

  1. Log into and click “My Account”
  2. Scroll down to “Your Email Settings”

  3. If only one email address is listed here, you are all set! Just email us to tell us to update your account.

  4. If multiple email addresses are listed, make a note of which addresses receive which emails (Monthly Billing Summary, Daily Digest, Supplies Fulfill In-House, Service Notifications). You will need to create user accounts for each email address after the upgrade is complete.

  5. Once you have noted which email addresses/email subscriptions are set up, contact us to upgrade your account.


Part 2: After the upgrade

Once you upgrade, the email accounts you had set up will no longer receive emails from Printerpoint. You will create new user accounts and set up the email preferences.

  1. Log into Printerpoint and click “My Account”
  2. Click “Users”
  3. Click the “Add user” icon next to the Users heading

  4. Enter the name and email address of one of the users and click “Send invite email”

  5. Under “Email Subscriptions”, choose which email types the user should receive

  6. Once the user accepts the invitation and creates a Printerpoint password, they will resume receiving the requested emails.


What’s so great about Multi User mode?

Lots, really! Besides making it easier to choose who can get email subscriptions, you can choose which customers appear on those emails. As an administrator, you have greater control over what your users can do in Printerpoint. When Supplies are fulfilled, or Service cases are completed, we keep an audit log of who made those changes. And there is a lot more to come soon!

Don’t forget to tell us when you have finished part 1 of these steps so we can turn on Multi User mode for you.

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