Verifying Oce Account Logic Logs

  1. First you'll need to verify that you can hit the WebUI of the printer you're trying to add. This can be done by entering the ip address of the Printer in any web browser. If you can't reach the WebUI try restarting the printer or reaching out to your Oce Technician for hardware assistance.oce-webui.PNG
  2. Once you've verified that you can still hit the WebUI of the printer you'll want to verify that the Printer is creating the proper job logs in it's FTP. This can be done by type ftp:\\[IPOfDevice]\logging into Windows Explorer.oce-empty.PNG
  3. In the example above you'll notice there are no csv's in the Logging folder. This generally means that this device doesn't have Oce Account Logic or the device is malfunctioning. If either is the case you'll need to reach out to your Oce Reseller to get the device serviced.
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