Dismissing a Service Alert

Don't want to see an alert? You can dismiss an alert for a duration of 1 day, 1 week, 1 month. The reason you can't dismiss an alert forever is Printerpoint considers these to be "active," or "open" alerts, meaning they're being reported by the printer as an issue. If you were able to dismiss one forever, you'll never know the printer has a problem. However, you may want to get it out of your face for a little while. 



  1. Click an Alert
  2. Click "Dismiss"
  3. Choose a "Dismiss Duration" from the drop-down menu
  4. Printerpoint will remove the alert
  5. Printerpoint will create an entry in History stating the dismissed duration

If an alert is resolved before its Dismiss Duration is reached, Printerpoint will create an entry in history with an action of "Resolved."

If an alert is not resolved before its Dismiss Duration and the printer is still reporting that alert, Printerpoint will return it to the Alerts list for you to resolve.

* A noted about HP PageWide alerts. HP treats alerts from its PageWide printers differently. A PageWide will never tell us that an alert has been resolved, or closed, so Printerpoint has no idea if it should be removed from Alerts or not once its reported. We leave this up to you, the human being. You'll notice if you choose to Dismiss a PageWide alert, your only choice is "Once."



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