Service Details

From the Service page, click on a printer to open that printer's Service Details Page where you can see a complete list of alerts, cases, and the history of service alerts for that printer.



This container shows you every currently "active" or "open" alert being reported by your printer. You'll see things like "Printerpoint has not been able to connect to this printer for 1 week" or "mist fan error (ID001033)." Depending on the manufacturer of the printer, the details of each alert will vary.


Here you’ll see every alert that has been assigned to a technician. Click the ID # to see the Case Details such as the printer’s name, model, serial # and details about the alert, as well as the last meter read. Once the problem has been resolved, you can mark the alert as “fixed.”



Every alert, date & time, description and its resolution along with the printer's meter read at the time is displayed in the History container so you have a running log of what happened when. Export it to a CSV for later analysis, too. 

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