Customer Details Page

Essentially, who is your customer and what printers do they have? What's your customer's name, email, contact? How many agents are installed at your customer? When did they last check in, what version are their agents, and when was the last scan of their network performed? 

All of these questions are answered on the Customer Details page. This is also where you find download options (install locally, send a link, send an email...) for installing a Printerpoint agent and choose to manage any of the printers found during a printer discovery scan. 


Customer Name: Customer name, Company ID, contact and email

Only a Customer name is required. Company ID is recommended if you are configuring Printerpoint to communicate with an ERP or other system to pass service, supplies or billing information. 


Installed Agents: Name of agent(s), version, online and last check-in time... 


Printer Discovery: All of the printers found during your last printer discovery scan. When a Printerpoint agent is first installed, it will do its best to assume the network range on which it is installed and start a new printer discovery scan. After a scan is complete, Printerpoint will display them in the Printer Discovery pane with an option to "Manage" (add to Printerpoint) along with IP, Hostname (if known), Make, Model and Serial Number. (If you have more than one agent and each of them runs a scan, we'll add an additional column called "Discovered by" which identifies which agent discovered that printer.)


Customer Portal Access

If your customers order supplies directly from your company, you can give them access to the Customer Portal. Your customer will get an email when their printer needs supplies, and will have a quick and simple way to order them directly from you.  







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