The Home Page

Home. Otherwise known as The Dashboard, or your Gateway to Printer Management Nirvana. 

Regardless of what you call it, this is stop number one after logging on. Here, after creating customers and adding managed printers, you see the breadth and health of your fleet in one view. Quickly identify how many printers, customers and agents you have out there in the world. 




The Home screen includes a number of filters to quickly review your customers and printers. Under the Show button, you can select the following:

  • All customers - the default view with nothing excluded
  • Offline customers - show customers with at least one offline printer
  • Printers without Asset IDs - show only printers that do not have an Asset ID configured. This is important for integration with e-automate and other ERP systems that identify printers based on an equipment ID rather than a serial number.
  • Agents without printers - show only customers who have installed an agent, but haven't added a printer yet. This is useful when you’re adding new customers, to see which ones you can run a network scan on or add printers.
  • Customers without agents - show only customers who have not yet installed an agent
  • Agents offline > 2 weeks - show only customers who have a Printerpoint agent that has been offline for more than 2 weeks
  • Agents offline > 6 weeks - show only customers who have a Printerpoint agent that has been offline for more than 6 weeks


Recent Cartridge Replacements

Here, you can see how much ink was left in a cartridge when it was replaced. When your MPS customers remove an ink cartridge, you'll see every detail:

  • Date
  • Customer
  • Printer
  • Cartridge type
  • Percentage of ink that remained

Now that you know the true yield of a cartridge, you could start including replacement thresholds in your MPS contracts. Or call up the manufacturer for better pricing.




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