Billing Method Options

Printerpoint supports many different ways to track and bill printing for your customers. Depending on the type of printer, you will find several different options available. These fall into two main categories: 

  • Lifetime counters
  • Monthly usage

Some ERP systems, like ECI e-automate, require a total counter to be entered each month. Some of the total counter types supported by Printerpoint include:

  • Total click counter
  • Mono/color/scan click counters
  • Total area counter
  • Total linear counter
  • Total ink counter
  • Total toner counter
  • HP Print Category counters
  • Canon Duty/Coverage counters
  • KIP Tiers counters
  • Oce Smart Click counters
  • Zebra Label counters

Other ERP systems, like Quickbooks, need a monthly usage value to generate a bill. While lifetime counter billing methods can provide a monthly delta, there are also other billing methods available for monthly usage for some printers, such as:

  • Media usage
  • Print category usage
  • Ink coverage usage

If you need assistance with selecting the right billing methods for your customers/ERP, contact Printerpoint Support.


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