Agent Not Starting After Boot


We are still looking into the direct cause of this issue. In order to provide a proper solution you'll need to send an Event Viewer Export and the Agent Log Files that are in "C:\ProgramData\Sepialine\PrinterpointAgent\Logs" to

Download and Store the Bat

1. You'll need to either download or create a bat file that starts the Services that aren't starting on boot and save it in a location where it won't get deleted.

2. Open the Windows Task Scheduler. This can be done by hitting Win+R and then typing "taskschd.msc".


3. Press the new task button on the right hand side.


4. Once you've created the new task you'll want to have it run as the system user with the highest priviliges.


5. Go to the triggers tab and create two new triggers; one at system startup and one on a schedule.



6. Go to the triggers tab and create a new one that runs the bat file that you downloaded earlier.


7. Save all settings and test the task by restarting the computer you've made these changes on.

If these changes don't work then please reach out to our support team by emailing us at

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