3/5/2018 Release Notes - Customer Access, Approvable Bills and More

We're extra proud of this big release, which adds new features and tweaks to your favorite remote printer management solution!

Approvable Bills

This new workflow makes life easier for your billing team by separating billing information by customer/billing date. A bill for each customer showing the printers due that month can be approved, so you know which information has been entered into your ERP. 


Customer Supply Notifications and Ordering

Printerpoint can now alert your customers when their printers are low on supplies, and gives them a way to quickly order them directly from you.


Media SKUs displayed on Supply Orders

In our previous release we added SKUs for ink cartridges, and now you are able to set up SKUs for the media types you support. When a printer or customer requests the supply, it will include the SKU along with size and media type so you can quickly fulfill the order. 

Branded Communication with your Customers

Any email sent to your customers through Printerpoint, or webpage within Printerpoint viewed by your customers, can be branded with your company's logo and colors, so you can present it as part of your internal MPS or supply program. 

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