07/08/16 Release - New Homepage, Reporting Page, HP Billing Method, Supplies Page Statuses

This release features a lot of UI work including a new homepage with stats to give you a quick snapshot of the health of your fleet and easy click cues to bring you right to the information you need.

* Colorwave 900 Not tracked after Firmware Upgrade bug fix. now compatible with Firmware version
* New HP Billing Method: Print Category Counter Billing.
* Create new homepage.
* Add "Reporting" tab.
* Add Empty, Low, Ordered details to Supplies Page.

No Agent upgrade necessary with this release, current version remains 3.4.

The Homepage

We’d like to introduce you to the new homepage. In this first phase of UI Usability improvements, our goal is to give you the information you most need in a hurry. We feel it’s important that you can log on to Printerpoint and get an immediate snapshot of the general health of your large format printer fleet.

Need to know if any of your Printerpoint Agents are offline in any of your customer sites? There it is on the homepage. And we’ll help you get right to the agent at hand with some quick visual cues. Interested in knowing if any supplies have run out across your fleet, or are in danger of doing so soon? Again, on the homepage. Same thing with alerts of any sort. You’ll see a big ol’ number letting you know how many alerts, if any, there are across your entire account and which printers are in most need of your attention.

We’ll soon be adding filtering options to each page to help you get to that information even faster with just a click.

The Reporting Page

Wondering what happened to the Printer Summary Report you used to be greeted with? Check out the new Reporting page. The same, quick information with a new usability upgrade that allows you to navigate monthly through the summary report on a per-printer level.

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