General Printerpoint Agent Behavior

The Printerpoint Agent checks in with your printers every five (5) minutes by default. What that means is, when you add a new printer to Printerpoint, the Agent will find that new printer the next time its check-in cycle comes around. So, depending on where in that cycle your printer is detected, your new printer may be resolved in a few minutes or up to fifteen minutes. Although the amount of traffic sent during a check-in is quite minimal, on a larger network with many agents, or many printers, this may be a concern to you. If so, we can change that to every 15 minutes, 1 hour, or 6 hours.

Most common behavior is that a new printer will be seen in Printerpoint within ten minutes. Some printers may have an enormous amount of historical data needing to be parsed. In rarer cases like this, it may take up to fifteen minutes. 

After that, the Printerpoint Agent will check in with your printers every five minutes. The amount of data per printer sent is around 4k per printer, a minimal load placed on your network. 

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