05/13/16 Release - Kip System K Support, Agent Upgrade, On-Demand Summary Report, Agent Email Link

This release contains quite a few new features. 

Support for Kip System K Printers: Requires Agent 3.4 upgrade.

Email Agent Link: As a dealer who uses Printerpoint, and may not have physical access to your customer's location, you can now create a new customer and simply click an "Email Agent Link to Customer" button right from the UI.
Monthly Billing Summary on demand: Missed your Monthly Billing Summary report? Needed to change some billing methods or billing dates? Make those changes and generate another Billing Summary on Demand. (Located on the "My Account" page.
Last check-in date added to Monthly Summary.
Adjust how often your Printerpoint Agent checks in: By default, a Printerpoint agent will check in every five minutes. Although the amount of traffic sent during a check-in is quite minimal, on a larger network with many agents, or many printers, this may be a concern to you. If so, we can change that to every 15 minutes, hour, or 6 hours.
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