Supply Ordering FAQ

What if I want supplies delivered to my office instead of the end customer?

Set the delivery address for the printer to the address of your office.

Who is National/AZON?

The largest distributor of large format printers and supplies in North America.

How do I pay for supplies?

If you have a contract with National/AZON already, your existing terms and conditions will apply. If you don’t have a contract with National/AZON, a representative will contact you after you submit your first order to discuss. If you don’t already have an agreement in place, submitting an order does not bind you to any terms.

What if I don’t want my customer to see Printerpoint or National/AZON on the packaging?

National/AZON will “blind ship” the supplies, meaning they have your company’s name on the packing slip and return address.

Which printers are supported for supply ordering?

Currently Printerpoint supports supply ordering for Canon IPF printers, and will expand this to include other supported models soon.

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