Ordering More Ink

When printers run low on ink or toner, Printerpoint notifies you with a visual alert in the Printer status container as well as the Supplies Details page. You'll also receive a Daily Digest email which contains a snapshot of the current state of each of your printers, along with an "Order Now" link if any supplies (ink, toner, paper) are at risk of running out or have run out already.

You can click the link in the Daily Digest or navigate directly to the Supplies page yourself. From there we help you ship supplies immediately so your customer’s printers never run dry. The whole routine goes something like this.

  1. Printerpoint tracks the supply levels across your entire fleet.
  2. If a printer has low ink, (or low media) the Printerpoint Daily Digest email will notify you.
  3. Click the "Order Now" link in the Daily Digest, OR... just head over to the Supplies page.
  4. Be sure to verify the quantity you'd like to have shipped.
  5. Be sure to fill out the address, per printer, where your supplies will be shipped.
  6. Click the “Order from AZON” button on the Supplies page.
  7. Supplies are blind-shipped directly from National/AZON’s warehouses to your customer.

See the Supply Ordering FAQ for more.

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