Traditional 'Click Count' Billing

Click count billing is standard practice on LED printers that have fixed costs per page or square foot. Océ TDS and Plotwave printers, for example, are almost always billed using a square foot meter read, and Printerpoint provides both the current meter read as well as a monthly total.

Because inkjet pricing is so variable, most click count contracts with inkjet printers are based on a guesstimate. By using Printerpoint, a single click count can still be offered to customers, but the coverage category and ink usage is reported to you, so you can determine if the current contract is profitable or not.

There are two places you can retrieve the monthly “click count” for a printer. On the Monthly Printer Summary report and the billing report on the Printer Details page. We reach this number by adding up all printing done in the month. We prefer this number over a hard meter number because it accurately shows exactly how much paper was used for the month. A traditional meter is a rolling total, with no history of the previous meter read.


If you are transitioning from meter-based billing to monthly usage billing, it is important to switch on a day when the meter was taken as close to the first of the month as possible.

If you prefer to stay with meter read billing, we display the printer’s current meter read directly on the Printer details page.

Additionally, Printerpoint emails meter reads for all monitored printers to dealers. The meter is recorded at 12:01am Pacific Time on the 1st of the month. Of course, you can choose which day of the month your billing cycle will end. Attached to each email is a CSV file reflecting this data, plus monthly deltas, but formatted for easy import into your accounting platform.

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