Ordering More Media

As with Ink, so with media. We generate alerts that appear on the printer Status pane of each printer, as well as collecting all of your printer alerts in one place on the Alerts page. We also send you that same information in a Daily Digest email with a handy "Order Now" link next to the supply you need.

  1. Printerpoint tracks your configured media levels across your entire fleet.
  2. If a printer has reached its media reorder threshold, the Daily Digest email, printer status and Alerts page will let you know.
  3. Sitting on a beach? Click the "Order Now" link in the Daily Digest, OR... just head over to the Supplies page.
  4. Be sure to verify the quantity you'd like to have shipped.
  5. Be sure to fill out the address, per printer, where your supplies will be shipped.
  6. Click the “Order from AZON” button on the Supplies page.
  7. Supplies are blind-shipped directly from National/AZON’s warehouses to your customer.
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