Manually Add a Printer

How to Manually Add a Printer

Once you've created a customer and installed an agent, you're now set to add a printer, either by clicking "manage" in the Printer Discovery container or adding a printer yourself. All you need to know is the IP address and your choice of the printer's nickname.

1. Click the “Add a new printer” icon next to the customer name:


2. Select "Networked" from Printer Type dropdown.
Note: to learn about Non-Networked Printers, review the Collecting Meter Reads for Non-Networked Printers article.

3. Enter a printer nickname and the IP address of the printer

4. Click “Create this printer”


A printer can take up to 15 minutes to appear in Printerpoint.

Note: if more than one agent is installed at the customer site, the “Monitored by” dropdown will give you the option of selecting which agent to use with this printer.

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