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How does Printerpoint display Activity from Printer Accounting Logs?

The print records displayed in the Activity grid are retrieved from the printer's internal accounting logs.

Why doesn't the total match my billing summary report?

The Billing Summary is created in one of two ways:

Total Counter:
The printer's lifetime counters are recorded daily, and the difference between the counter at the beginning of the billing period and the end is displayed as the total.

For example, if August 1 the counter was 1000, and September 1 the counter was 1500, the total would be 500.

Usage-based Summary:
For some billing methods, the total is based on the sum of all activity records displayed in the grid. However, because of the rounding method, it may vary slightly if you manually add up the values in the activity grid.

The Billing Summary is calculated by adding up the square footage or ink/toner used for each print job, then rounding the total to two digits.

The records in the activity grid are rounded to two digits for display. If you add them up after rounding, the number may vary slightly.

Note: Some printers will perform maintenance tasks which may use small amounts of paper. These numbers are not included in job records but will be included in total counter billing methods. This may also cause small variations in your numbers. 

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