06/28/17 Release - Performance improvements, billing sync improvements, billing details

In addition to a lot of backend performance upgrades, Printerpoint's release this month includes:

1. Handling for when an Agent is upgraded using the exe for a different customer: we've improved our agent upgrade process in this release thereby removing some of the most common install/upgrade confusions we've seen. This latest release contains agent 3.9.

2. Update Total Counter Every Heartbeat: although our agent checks in with your printers on a five-minute interval, for some printers we only updated the UI every twenty-four hours with that end of that day's total counter. Now, you'll see that total updated with each successful agent check-in.
3. Align Billing Period times with dealer time zone: without this, some billing reports could be off by a few hours. a very small number of accounts were ever affected by it but we've tightened it all up.
5. Billing details page: like our Service and Supplies details page, we've added this functionality to our billing page for each printer. Soon, we'll be adding per-record details with an option to export that data. 
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