05/22/17 Release - UI/UX Improvements, new history details, quicker navigation

1. Present Loading Icon when loading pages: We like to think Printerpoint is fast but, once in a while when a large bit of data needs to be gathered there may be a lag. With this loading icon we're letting you know that we're working on something.
2. History Panes: Display Time stamp on mouse-over and in CSV export: More details in our history panes (Service, Supplies, Billing) which allow you to track activity down to the second. 
3. Display "All Clear" in Alerts Container (Service details page) when no alerts are present: cleaning up some of our UI presentation when printers are having no issues. Allows you to move past that printer that much quicker. 
4. Add "Back To Summary" button to Service Details & Supplies Details pages: Quickly close the page and get back to a summary report. 
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