Supplies Details (Manage Inventory, Fulfillment & History)

Each printer has a Supplies Details page where you can manage ink/toner & paper for inventory, see your current levels of consumables, order new ones and analyze the supplies history of that printer. 

Click Supplies, then click on a printer. 


In the screenshot above, Plain Paper 24" x 50' has reached its managed threshold of .20 roll of paper left which triggers an entry in the "Need to Order" list. From here, you can Fulfill it In-House or Order from a major supplier partner. 

Printerpoint creates an entry in the history list for every supply detail for each printer. So, if you've reached your established threshold for a roll of paper, or if Printerpoint has determined an ink cartridge is low or empty, Printerpoint will tell you the date, the "Action" (Fulfilled In-house, Dismissed)), the description of the supply in question and the quantity you've fulfilled. You can easily export this list to a handy CSV file, too, for future analysis.

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