05/08/17 Release - Service Details, Service History, Service Workflow

1. Rename Menu Links to Service, Supplies, Billing

2. Create Service Details Page - Bringing Service up to speed with supplies, now you can drill into a printer's service page (see next point)

3. Service Alert Actions Notify/Dismiss - prior to this, you couldn't interact with an alert. Now you can dismiss it or notify a tech to deal with it. This will be expanded even more in the future.

4. History of alerts. We now populate a history list regarding alerts that let you know when an alert appeared and what happened next e.g. dismissed, notified a tech, resolved.

5. Service Notification Email Field to Profile Page - On the Profile page, you'll notice a new email option to email your technicians, if you have them, when an alert is assigned to them. 

6. Service Page Default View - Service will now open as a partially rolled-up list letting you see which printers have things to be addressed e.g. low, empty, tech notified.

7. Do not display most Ink/Paper statuses on the Alerts page - remember when a supply, at times, would show up on both the Alerts tab and the Supplies tab? Yeah, that was goofy. Now we define more precisely what's a Service alert and what's a Supplies notification.


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