Alerts (Notify a Tech)

Want to notify a technician of an issue? In addition to the Printer Details page, you'll find the Alerts container on the Service Details page of each printer. The difference here is you can interact with these alerts in a way that better fits your Service workflow. Printerpoint allows you to notify a technician of an alert. Or, you can simply dismiss an alert for a period of time if you happen to know it's being resolved. Or, do nothing. If a printer's alert is resolved, it will be removed from the Alerts container on its own and an entry made in the History container letting you know. 

Let's dig a little deeper.


  1. Click an Alert
  2. Click "Notify Tech"
  3. Printerpoint visually changes the alert and appends a date
  4. Printerpoint creates an entry in the History container further down the page
  5. Printerpoint sends an email to your technician(s) with the details of the alert including Customer Name, Printer name, Model, Serial Number, Date, and full description of the alert & meter read. 
  6. Printerpoint includes this in your Daily Digest 


Let's say you have a Printerpoint Agent offline. Although we like to think this never happens, in reality it sometimes does. You may not be able to get to that location but your technician can. You can click that alert, choose "Notify Tech" and a few things happen. 

The state of the alert is changed in the Alerts container visually indicating that it's different than the others. We italicize the alert and append a note telling you a tech has been notified and on what day. 

In addition, when that alert first appeared, we logged an entry in the history container with its details and timing. We do the same when "Notify Tech" is chosen, we enter that in the history list, as well. 

Where are my technicians? Good question. 

Your technicians are specified on the My Account >  Profile tab by adding their email addresses to the "Send Service Assignment Emails to" field. 



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