Configure Media for Inventory Management

What it is, what it does, and how to use it.

Click on any printer you're already managing in Printerpoint and on the Printer Details page, you'll find the Media Inventory pane where, you guessed it, you'll find the details of the media being used by that printer. Media details are populated by the information we retrieve from the printer's logs. Let's say you loaded a roll of Heavyweight Coated Paper that's 24" wide. That will be recorded in the printer logs which we then display on the Media Inventory pane.

Let's configure your Heavyweight Coated Paper.

1. Click the "Click to configure inventory" to the right of the media you'd like to configure.

From here, Printerpoint makes it easy to establish re-order thresholds for each and every media type. When you click on the "Configure for inventory management" link next to each discovered media type, you can then set Roll Width, Roll Length, Reorder Threshold and Default Order Quantity.

2. Complete the fields in the "Configure Media" modal. 

  • Roll Width: the width you enter becomes your default roll width for future orders.
  • Roll Length: the length you enter becomes your default roll length for future orders.
  • Remaining Media (rolls): the number of rolls (full and partial combined) you have on hand (e.g. if you have 1 full roll and 1 half-used roll, enter 1.5.).
  • Re-order at (rolls): this is your low threshold. When Printerpoint sees that you've reached this number of rolls on hand, a new entry will be placed in your "Need to order" pane.
  • Default Order Quantity (rolls): this will be the number of rolls for re-order each time, editable at any time if need be. 

3. Notice now you have a newly configured "Heavyweight Coated Paper - 24" x 300'" entry in your Inventory pane with a re-order threshold (Reorder at (rolls)) of 2.00 and a default order quantity of 10.

4. Now, when that printer's 24" Heavyweight Coated Paper reaches 2 rolls on hand, Printerpoint will notify you in the "need to order" pane where you can order from a partner provider or fulfill in-house. We'll also notify you of this low consumable in your Daily Digest email. 

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