Inventory Management

Manage the number of cartridges and rolls of paper on site, set a re-order threshold, and be notified when that threshold has been met. We also show you a full history of what has been ordered for both ink and paper.

The Inventory pane is where you configure consumables for Inventory Management. You can access the Inventory pane for each printer either from the Printer Details page OR the Supplies Details page for each printer. 

How to find the Inventory pane through your Printer Details page. Expand your left-hand Nav tree and click on a printer. 


Your Inventory pane is auto-populated with any Ink/Toner or Media Printerpoint has seen in that printer. If your printer tells us capacity, color, part number, width, type of paper... we'll show you.  

For deeper details see "Configure Media for Inventory Management" and "Ink/Toner Inventory" articles. 

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