01/02/17 Release - Inventory Management, HP PageWide Events, Kip Billing Method, Xerox Support, Agent Upgrade (3.6)

1. Ink Inventory Management - In addition to our media inventory feature, we now have ink inventory management, something requested by many for a long time. Similar to media, users can now set reorder thresholds and a default reorder quantity. We’ve also merged media & ink/toner into one, streamlined inventory grid.

2. HP Pagewide Alerting - We’ve been working with HP more closely and with this latest release we now display PageWide events (errors) in the printer status pane. These events are presented as a "clickable" description which will re-direct the user to HP’s support site and automatically download an appropriate troubleshooting guide (in PDF format) for that specific event. Since these PageWide events do not resolve themselves, and therefore are never removed from the status pane, we've added a "Resolve" option to dismiss them individually or all of them at one time.
3. KIP: B&W + Color Meter Billing Method - We’ve also been working more closely with KIP and several dealers have been asking for this. When we detect that a Kip printer supports both color & mono, their “Total Counter” billing method will present a mono counter, color counter, and a total counter (and delta).
4. Support for Xerox wide format printers - Xerox printers with AccXES version 14.0 and higher will now be discovered and supported in Printerpoint. (Requires agent upgrade to version 3.6)
5. Include printer shipping address in search results - sometimes it’s the small things.
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